HiOS13 Fold
Evolving More
Open up to enchantment
Vivid Wallpapers
Treat your eyes to a tapestry of color and beauty. A series of interconnected wallpapers merge objects and creatures from the real world and the imagination. Light effects shimmer and shift with a rhythmic ebb and flow, keeping an intuitive pace with the rhythm of your life.
Vibrancy in your hands
Always On Display
Explore a new visual realm. The Always On Display presents important information in a visually appealing, customizable layout. Information includes the weather, sports news, calendar events, and more.
Choose the Styles
Access your Apps instantly with an intuitive touch
Large Folder
Turn your small folders into large folders,there's no need to expand them to launch the Apps they contain
Intuitive response at your fingertips
Fluid Magnetic Motion
Break boundaries with the magic of magnetism. The screen responds dynamically to your fingertip based on the principles of magnetism. The resulting fluid motion effects are dynamic, ever-changing, and multi-dimensional.
the new future
Be more effective---Work in multiple windows
Lightning Multi-Window
Technological evolution makes multi-tasking easy. Launch four different tasks on one screen for more streamlined and efficient work. Check your pictures on the left side of the screen and review videos on the right side by Split-Screen. Then open Lightning Multi-Windows to send your videos to a colleague through Message ,and take notes on a meeting.
Split Screen with One Finger, in just a swipe
The functionality is ever-improving and ever-evolving. One finger to rule them all, just one swipe down to split your screen into two. Multiple tasks solved at once. Launch the split-screen and use one app on each half of the screen.
Drag & Drop, Anywhere You Want
Drag and Drop
Drag and drop files, images, and text across Apps in seconds. When split-screen is launched, you can drag and drop images from your gallery to notes in one move. The file-sharing interaction is visualized, so there's no need to switch back and forth between Apps.
One App, two views
Parallel Windows
Bringing you the evolution of "vision",Now you can open two different task windows within the same app. When you're using Twitter, you can view your homepage on the left, and expand messages/images on the right. Level up your efficiency and unlock the mesmerizing life.
Expanded Driving Mode makes
travel safer
Driving Mode
Get where you're going with a bigger screen. HiOS13 transforms into a large-screen navigation system, bringing intelligence to everything from navigation to entertainment. Pull down the menu to launch Driving Mode and access navigation, music, contacts and other functions. Drive more safely and more clearly than ever before.
Leap Forward
with Innovation
Smart Touch uses AI to extract text
Smart Touch
Smart Touch instantly grabs text from images, empowering you with the information you need. Hold down the screen with two fingers to extract text from an image. The extracted text can be copied, used in a search query, translated, or shared. AI reads information from the text, including scheduling info, navigation, calling, emailing and more.
Cross-screen syncing connects all of your devices
PC Connection
Break the boundaries between your phone and your PC to make work and leisure more accessible. Transform your phone into a PC by swiping right with three fingers pressed together. Your phone screen will be mirrored on your PC so you can work on the go.
A Brand New Experience in Entertainment
Share files more intelligently
with AI Gallery
AI Gallery
The new AI Gallery is powered by image recognition algorithms. Drag and drop photos from AI Gallery to WhatsApp in split-screen mode or drag and drop photos into notes.
Treat your ears to quality sound
High-Resolution Audio
Certified 96KHz/24bit hi-res hi-fi sound quality creates a full and layered surround sound experience. Enjoy your favorite music, and be immersed in sound.
One stop to a brand new virtual you
T-moji Virtual Avatars
Want to avoid being on-screen? Use a T-moji to create a unique animated avatar. When you're video chatting in WhatsApp, select your custom T-moji, which can be modified or used to create emojis.