Celebration of Elite Fans and Heroes: All the Glitz and Glamour from the First-ever HiOS&PHANTOM  Fans Cafe| Sept. 08, 2021
Sept / 08 / 2021



TECNO HiOS in the last few days celebrated its first-ever Fan Cafe on 4th October 2021 in Lagos. Nigeria and it was a great success.


The HiOS Fan Cafe which was an exclusive gathering of the boldest and most extraordinary HiOS Fans who are notable elites in different industries was a first-of-its-kind exclusive event, where elite HiOS Fans got to wine and dine with the HiOS Team and other VIPs while coming together to share ideas, knowledge, and experience about their lifestyle and their premium Phantom X smartphone.



Right from when they entered the venue, the invited fans could not hold their delight. The venue was tastefully adorned and decorated with luxurious ornaments which added to the sparkle of such an occasion. Moreover, the guest list was exclusively furnished and carefully selected, with 10 high-end fans who were all Phantom X users and who live for the glamour, the sparkle, and the Extraordinary Lifestyle.



The food and drinks, provided by one of Lagos best caterers, ensured that the guests not only have a good time but also enjoyed top-notch dining.



While sharing their very many remarkable HiOS experience on Phantom X, the elite fans provided really intriguing feedback that shows HiOS is on the right part.


Here's a quick highlight of some of the reviews;



"Phantom X is everything to me. with the many HiOS features on it, I don't even imagine going for another brand in the far away future".


"For me, it is the fast charging. I can plug my phone on low battery and in the next 20 minutes, I'm off with a full charge".


"One can say, TECNO is on the verge of competing with Tesla when it comes to fast charging. no brand can beat that".


"Everything on Phantom X is extraordinary but my favorite is the theft alert feature. even my wife can not play hide and seek with my phone anymore".


"Nothing beats the spy disappointment feature (Peek Proof). Neck throwers will have to throw more because HiOS has got my privacy covered".


"I have been wowed from the very moment I stepped into this venue. It's been one delightful experience after another. HiOS really pulled out all the stops for this one. I feel like it shouldn't end."


The reviews go on and on but as you already know, It really worth the accolades.


There is a saying that great events dont just happen, they are carefully planned. And this is true of the HiOS Fan Cafe. The HiOS Team took on the challenge of throwing a memorable party for fans by following a month-long coordinated action plan. Every tiny detail was mapped out ahead of time and each logistical tidbit was planned to perfection. In addition, planning schedules, forms, vendors list, and detailed checklists were all made and followed strictly. For embellishment and decoration, the team hired professionals; all were from renowned companies and delivered excellently.

The event was well promoted in media and social beforehand with articles published in media and several push done on social media. So it was not a surprise to see that it got a lot of exposure and attention on the event day. The event became a hot topic on the day and many fans used the official hashtag #HiOSFansCafe to share their enthusiasm towards the event, asking for a second edition and sharing why they should be picked as one of the invited guests.


The HiOS Fans Cafe was a worthy gala of glitz and glamour and already many cannot wait to see what a sequel will be like. Going by this start, then In the nearest future, we expect even more engaging and spell-binding events as HiOS rolls out the red carpet to solidify the relationship with fans.