TECNO Globally Launches PHANTOM V Flip 5G: Representing Flip in Style and Perfect in Pocket
September / 22 / 2023
The brand’s latest foldable device delivers a stunning synergy of fashionable aesthetics and advanced technology that’s “perfect in pocket” for stylish youth.
PHANTOM X Receiving High Praise and Recognition by Global Tech Media
August / 16 / 2021
Without a doubt, PHANTOM X has caught people’s attention as the hottest new smartphone in the market this summer. The surge in orders from emerging markets proves that the extraordinary features and performance of PHANTOM X has been the talk of the town by consumers. At the same time, TECNO's new flagship has also attracted the attention of global technology media, receiving rave reviews and high ratings in reports.
Camera Master PHANTOM X Encapsulates the Extraordinary Moments in One’s Life!
July / 15 / 2021
Although it’s only two weeks after PHANTOM X’s global launch on July 1st, TECNO’s new flagship has received heavy recognitions from tech media and consumers. PHANTOM X proved to uphold a brand essence of be bold and be extraordinary to bring exceptional individuals with fantastic innovations in design, technology, and total user experience. This article gives a close shot of its camera capability and experience.
TECNO Launches PHANTOM X as a Brand-New Flagship
July / 1 / 2021
2021 sees TECNO is venturing into new heights by announcing its newest flagship smartphone, PHANTOM X. Debuting on July 1st 2021, PHANTOM X features an elegant design of 3D Borderless Screen and the industry’s first silk glass back cover.