TECNO Unveils “PHANTOM Ultimate” Concept Phone Redefining Rollable Screen Innovation

September 1, 2023


PHANTOM, TECNO's premium technology sub-brand, released a concept video for its latest rollable smartphone concept, PHANTOM Ultimate. Following the previous PHANTOM Vision V foldable concept, this new rollable concept represents another significant leap in innovation. It embodies TECNO's commitment to advancing global mobile technology by introducing a new form factor that sets the stage for future rollable developments.


TECNO Latest Rollable Screen Innovation--PHANTOM Ultimate


Industry-leading Screen Expansion Efficiency in 1.2-1.3 Seconds


The PHANTOM Ultimate rollable concept boasts industry-leading unrolling speed and unprecedented expansion efficiency. The technology is enabled by advanced engineering, integrating a custom developed high torque powertrain, planetary reducer, and slider-crank mechanism. This single-drive motor system achieves rapid extension and rollup, allowing the display to unfurl from 6.55-inches to an impressive 7.11-inches in just 1.2-1.3 seconds. This solves the pain point of slow and lagging rollable screen extension, providing enhanced convenience and a fluid user experience. The neat mechanism reduces friction to create a smooth movement while enhancing the durability and reliability of the device.


Unparalleled 7.11-inch Double-sided Rollable Screen Innovation


When retracted, the concept phone features a double-sided display, which wraps horizontally around the back of the device to serve as a secondary screen. When extended, the double-sided screen rolls around to become one ultra-large display. This innovative design introduces a new dimension of interaction, enabling users to conveniently access information, notifications, and even leverage the rear display as a viewfinder for capturing flawless selfies.


PHANTOM Ultimate's screen innovation includes a 7.11-inch On-cell AMOLED screen, avoiding creases for a seamless look. With 2296*1596 resolution and 388 PPI, it offers variable brightness, including exceptional 800cd/㎡ under HBM modes, peaking at 1100cd/m2. The dynamic LTPO display supports DCI-P3 100% TYP wide color gamut, and a 1–120Hz refresh rate that adapts smartly to different scenarios. The screen ensures durability while providing an extraordinary viewing experience.



TECNO PHANTOM Ultimate Features a Double-sided Display and Provides Users with Extraordinary Viewing Experience


Ultra-slim Design for the Greatest User Experience


The new concept device offers ergonomic improvements for an unparalleled user experience. PHANTOM Ultimate boasts an ultra-slim design, measuring just 9.93mm in thickness (excluding edge trim). This compactness ensures easy one-hand operation, positioning it as a highly competitive offering in the industry.


The stylish asymmetric book-roll design guides the unfolding direction, preventing accidental slips during extension. The sliding battery cover aligns with gripping gestures, providing secure one-handed holding when expanded, eliminating pinching during retraction. The cover uses distinct tactile materials—highlighted glass for the sliding area and 3D textured material for stability.


PHANTOM Ultimate introduces advanced software enhancements, supporting customizable dynamic wallpapers, desktop effects, and an always-on display (AOD). Its registered polling method ensures seamless synchronization, optimal desktop adaption, and convenient operation with registered polling and three-finger drag. Optimized animations address touch-screen synchronization disparities, offering a flawless experience for all applications even during expansion or rolling.



TECNO PHANTOM Ultimate Supports Rapid Screen Expansion


Unroll the Future: Rolling Out a New Dimension


As foldable screen technology matures in the industry, TECNO envisions the next new form while driving disruptive innovation for future mobile devices. PHANTOM Ultimate highlights TECNO's commitment to its 'Go Premium' strategy, delivering innovative products globally and offering the latest tech for an exceptional flagship experience. Following the rollable PHANTOM Vision V, TECNO launched its first foldable, PHANTOM V Fold, acclaimed for notable breakthroughs. PHANTOM Ultimate reaffirms TECNO's dedication to innovative form factors, cutting-edge tech, and a premium flagship experience worldwide.


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