Camera Master PHANTOM X Encapsulates the Extraordinary Moments in One’s Life!
July / 15 / 2021

14 July 2021 ----- Although it’s only two weeks after PHANTOM X’s global launch on July 1st, TECNO’s new flagship has received heavy recognitions from tech media and consumers. PHANTOM X proved to uphold a brand essence of be bold and be extraordinary to bring exceptional individuals with fantastic innovations in design, technology, and total user experience. This article gives a close shot of its camera capability and experience.


With the extraordinary PHANTOM X, you are carrying cutting-edge mobile technology in your pocket. PHANTOM X's main camera is equipped with an industry-leading 50MP Ultra-Night Camera with ultra-large sensor that supports one hundred-million-pixel photo mode. The 48MP Ultra-clear Selfie Camera with 105°Ultra-Wide Angle and 50mm Golden Portrait creates magically perfect shots, whether for individual or group photos. What’s more, our Super Night Mode enables you to capture the extraordinary moments of a clear and vivid night. To PHANTOM X users, it captures what everyday life should be like on its best day - vivid, bright, and rich in detail. With PHANTOM X, you can be a photo master and a video expert.


Being a Photo Master-- 50MP Ultra-Night Camera with 1/1.3-inch Ultra-Large Sensor

With PHANTOM X’s extraordinary camera features, users can become professional photographers producing high-quality photos. PHANTOM X adopts the industry-leading 50MP Ultra-Night Camera with a 1/1.3-inch Ultra-Large Sensor, making it easy to shoot crisp professional photos. With a pixel size of 2.4um in 4-in-1 pixel mode, PHANTOM X’s 50MP camera with 1/1.3-inch ultra-large sensor can take in a 33% more light from outer environment compared to camera featuring 108MP camera with 1/1.5-inch sensor, bringing a wider ISO range and less noise. It also comes with better exposure and detailed reproduction in complex lighting. The ultra-clear image is achieved by redecoding the image quality of Re-mosaic, providing ample space for post cropping and re-creation, supporting one hundred million level shooting.




50MP Ultra-Night Camera with 1/1.3-inch Ultra-Large Sensor



Being a Selfie Lover -- 48MP Ultra-clear Selfie Camera with 105°Ultra-Wide Angle

PHANTOM X features a 48MP Ultra-clear Selfie camera offering greater color vibrancy and natural quality when snaping a selfie. Users can have clearer skin textures, sharper facial features, and brighter smiles to capture all their beauty in its glory. Layered with AI to add that extra glimmer and sparkle, every selfie will be picture perfect. Additionally, PHANTOM X will automatically expand the field of view to 105°Ultra-Wide Angle, fitting more in group selfies. Magic to cheese not squeeze with more friends!




48MP Ultra-clear Selfie Camera with 105°Ultra-Wide Angle


Being a Portrait Magician - Magic of 50mm Golden Portrait

As for the important portrait photo performance, PHANTOM X uses a 50mm focal lens to present the Golden Portrait natural images without distortion, capturing and enhancing the quality. By accurate scenery separation and aesthetic spot effect, each portrait is filled with vivid details. Users can also choose seven diversified portrait lighting effects without changing the photo background. Three professional portrait color schemes are provided by PHANTOM X for the skin color needs of different groups, in line with multi-regional aesthetics. And there are more: PHANTOM X uses AI to restore the portraits by automatically learning how to sharpen the fuzzy image taken from less desirable conditions such as low light, sports events, or shaking hands. Be bold to capture the best portrait with PHANTOM X.



50mm Golden Portrait


Being a Super Night Geek - Super Night View 3.0 and Super Night Portrait

With the increased 4-in-1 pixel size, PHANTOM X can bring the night alive and capture more than the eye can see. When paired with AI assistance to add those finishing touches, the glow of the city night can be vividly captured from a simple click. And with the meshing of low light HDR and AI, your nightlife snaps will also shine with exuberance. It is your opportunity to capture the beauty of night city scenes with the Super Night View 3.0, and you can have elegant portraits in the glorious night view with the help of Super Night Portrait.


Even in an extremely dark environment, PHANTOM X can increase the amount of light captured to reveal fine details hidden in the dark. With the powerful Super Night Mode, users can shoot an unexpectedly bright and clear night scene at any time.  



Super Night View 3.0



Being A Video Expert - Night Video Algorithm and the 960fps Slow Motion

“What should life be like on its best day?” PHANTOM X answers by making its users become video experts. With Night Video Algorithm, users don’t have to worry about those low lighting conditions. The leading Night Video Algorithm enables users to capture ultimate clarity, highly defined colors, and the finest details. In addition, the film mode of PHANTOM X makes it possible to edit your own cinematic films on your hands with different film schemes, whether it is for party, travel, or business meetings. Even for an exciting fast sports event, the 960fps Slow Motion can help users freeze every fleeting moment just like memories frozen in time. Whether it is for days or nights, dynamics or statics, PHANTOM X records every moment, sharp and clear.



Night Video Algorithm


Featuring the industry’s leading camera specs, the powerful camera functions of PHANTOM X are expected to make you a photo master and video expert. The great leap in camera functions guarantees a satisfying photo and video quality and leaps beyond expectations by empowering camera performances with extraordinary photography and AI technologies. PHANTOM X is bound to accompany users to capture the most extraordinary moments.




PHANTOM is the newest redefined sub-brand from TECNO dedicated to high-end consumers. As an all-new sub-brand created for exceptional individuals who use every opportunity to break borders, reshape things, and be extraordinary, TECNO PHANTOM is committed to bringing them bold and extraordinary innovations in design, technology, and total user experience, empowering them to feel their extraordinary qualities and successful moments in life. PHANTOM X, the newest addition to PHANTOM, brings many extraordinary innovations - elegant and chic in design, borderless in view, fearless in its operation, and extraordinary in inspiring users to achieve more. By combining inspirational technology and unique aesthetics, PHANTOM presents technologies in the form of elegance that sits at the heart of the brand spirit of “Be bold and Be extraordinary”, allowing consumers enjoy the unlimited pleasure that technology brings. To learn more about PHANTOM brand and shop for PHANTOM X online, please visit PHANTOM’s exclusive one-stop website .



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